Our Generation’s Biggest Mistake

The world is in a pretty rough shape.

That’s putting it lightly.

We’re dealing with a global pandemic and climate crisis. Income inequality, unemployment, and underemployment are on the rise. Housing, education, food security, and clean water remain inaccessible for many throughout the world, even in the so-called first world countries. Governments and corporations profit from and maintain the status quo, using the media and education system to repress, divide, and mislead the populace.

My generation, Generation Z, is inheriting a slew of unignorable issues that threaten the continuity of life on Earth.

And yet, we still go to school. We graduate. We go to college. We plan our careers. We’ve continued to follow the set path and chase unachievable promises, despite our gnawing sense of hopelessness and worsening mental health.

But we cannot continue. We cannot prepare for a future that doesn’t exist. We need to open our eyes. We need to rise up and change the world while there’s still a world to change or our complacency WILL kill us and everyone who comes after us. We cannot allow another generation to be pushed through the meat grinder of unsustainable capitalism.

We cannot continue. We cannot prepare for a future that doesn’t exist.

Our schools don’t give us the information or teach us the skills we’ll need. We need to do that ourselves. While schools teach us to obey arbitrary authority and accept the imposition of other people’s priorities on our lives, we need to be brave enough to daydream. We need to loosen ourselves from the shackles of cynicism, self-absorption, and unquestioning acceptance of the mind-numbing rat race.

Schools don’t teach us that the majority of human societies throughout history have been egalitarian and stateless, that the police have only recently become an important and supposedly necessary institution, that their government has a track record of torture, genocide, and repression, that their lifestyles are destroying the environment, that their food and water are poisoned, or that there is a history of resistance waiting to be uncovered in their very own town.

Anarchy Works

We have to seek out knowledge that challenges the way the world is. If we reject the status quo and its maintenance, we can build something better. We cannot take no for an answer.


We need to reach people for the movement. Spread the word. Get more people in support and involved. Help them realize our current system is not the move. But to educate others, you gotta educate yourself. Read. Watch. Listen. No matter how you learn, there’s something out there for you.


Work with others to establish unions, worker co-ops, tool libraries, community councils, tenant unions, local redistribution networks, co-op housing, communal agriculture, communal energy production, childcare collectives, community health clinics, and more. Changing the world is a lot of work, but you can transform your community, your school, and your workplace.

Fight for our future.

The assumption that what currently exists must necessarily exist is the acid that corrodes all visionary thinking.

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Andrew Sage

Andrew Sage

I’m a writer of words, an artist of arts, and a thinker of thoughts. Founder of Saint Who and Andrewism. Follow me on Twitter @_saintdrew.